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Watch Kings freestyle rap to J Cole's 'Wet Dreams'

He killed it!


Jordan scores a discount after getting mistaken for Caleb Clarke

Caleb is that you?


Jordan does a mean impression of DMX doing some intense praying

How good.


Googling what 'No Diggity' really means

It means 'no doubt' according to Google.


The Mai FM Cricket Quiz with NZ cricketers Ajaz Patel and Holly Huddleston


Friday Karaoke - Nickson, Tegan and Jordan take on "Tennessee Whiskey"



Nickson and Jordan can't stop laughing after Tegan says "brother"

Girl can't catch a break with these two around.


Tegan found a video of Jordan dancing as the Bendon Man mascot at a Warriors game

"You're like twerking on the field, up to uce?" 😂


Tegan gets called out for not proudly supporting "her team", the Chiefs

Not the changing sides of the team of this girl


Friday Karaoke - MMC take on "Two Wrongs" by Wyclef Jean ft. City High



Tegan's surprise birthday message from her Dad 😭

Oh mannn who's cutting onions up here? 💛


Nickson and Jordan can't stop joking about Tegan's dream car - a Mitsubishi Lancer

You can take the girl outta Palmy...


Shower thoughts: Why don't we have toe-tips?

Why though?


Nickson, Tegan, Jordan and Producer Ryan audition to be the new Milkybar "Kidult"

Definitely Top 4 applicants here


"Run it straight at your mental health" - Tegan shares her journey with anxiety and depression

Proud of you sis 💛


The competition got real with 'Nix in the Mix'

The competition just got real.


Someone accidentally slips Tegan a "You're so f*cking cute but FAT!" DM

Wow this DM is just...sad.


Karaoke Friday: Genie in a Bottle

We don't charge for this!


What a joker!

Dry jokes for your Thirsty Thursday


This Jordan 'Riverlation' will make your day

If you are feeling alone or under the weather, watch this.