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Nate explains the 'curse' of being a Samoan man

The only joke you need to hear today is this one by Nate.


Nate and Tegan lose the plot over bloke with massive palms and small fingers

"But what could you do with big palms?"


Would you buy a candle that smells like coochie?

Can you believe this vagina scented candle sold out in a few hours??


NEW GAME: Man VS Machine

Man do we love a caller who tries like this egg.


Tegan gets R&V punters to dog out their mates in the R&V Snitch Line

Snitches get stitched up!


Tegan and Nate lose it after Nate pulls Palagi voice during break

This one-liner from Nate really did it aye.


Straight up answers for when life sucks

Nickson, Tegan, K’Lee, Alex & Fame talk


Are Tegan and Nickson actually related?

For all those wondering, here's your answer.


Tegan forgets her filter

What two weeks of holiday does to Tegan.


Tegan reveals the one thing she wants in a man

Listen up boys!


We chat to Jason Derulo after Friday Jams Live 2019

He talks more about his recent gigs and his life on tour


How Nickson made Tegan's nips 'hard' once before

(not what you think)


Tegan busts her 'hip hop hands' move for Nickson and Nate

Is it even still a thing?


Nickson wants to bring Punk'd back just to trick Tegan

You just got Punk'd.


Listeners tell us what they reckon about the new Warriors "bush shirt"

Not the mustard Warriors.


Tegan smokes Nickson and Nate by naming all members of Six60

Shot Tegan.


Nate has Tegan in stitches after reading a text about one chick's bleeding gums

Tegan was cry-laughing in this one!


Tegan explains to Nate that some people love a sucky la la

Anyone else with this foot fetish?


Tegan and Nate hilariously try figure out why successful brown men end up with white women

Tegan was having a moment...


Nickson tries to make the word 'yeast' sexy

Tegan couldn't handle it.

Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday

Kiwi musicians submit their tracks & MMC play them out for you each Friday for a little feedback