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Tegan busts her 'hip hop hands' move for Nickson and Nate

Is it even still a thing?


Nickson wants to bring Punk'd back just to trick Tegan

You just got Punk'd.


Listeners tell us what they reckon about the new Warriors "bush shirt"

Not the mustard Warriors.


Tegan smokes Nickson and Nate by naming all members of Six60

Shot Tegan.


Nate has Tegan in stitches after reading a text about one chick's bleeding gums

Tegan was cry-laughing in this one!


Tegan explains to Nate that some people love a sucky la la

Anyone else with this foot fetish?


Tegan and Nate hilariously try figure out why successful brown men end up with white women

Tegan was having a moment...


Nickson tries to make the word 'yeast' sexy

Tegan couldn't handle it.


Nate calls out Tegan after being called the shortest on the team

The mud throwing around here...


Nate gives Tegan a reality check on "moments" she's been having with guys

Nate just had to take it a step too far...


Tegan tells us where she reckons NZ's worst lovers live

Is that right?...


Nate quickly ruins Nickson's heartfelt apology to Tegan

Nate had to ruin it ay??


Tegan asks if saying LESSGOO is cool or not


Beatboxing champion Crkzu drops sick beats for Nickson

So good.


Nickson tells Tegan her tattoo looks like it says 'BOB'

Nickson with the dad joke.


Tegan lost it when she tried to tell the driest joke ever

Just get it out already...


Nate lies about Lenny Kravitz being Samoan and Tegan falls for it

She really did...


Tegan didn't realise the boys were talking about a different kind of cheese



Caller nails Dei Hamo "We Gon Ride" word for word

Now this is impressive.


Nickson & Nate shame Tegan out over thinking Milo tastes different overseas

Better work stories.

Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday

Kiwi musicians submit their tracks & MMC play them out for you each Friday for a little feedback

Feedback Friday

Kiwi musicians submit their tracks & MMC play them out for you each Friday for a little feedback

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