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Tegan and Jordan's small beef about making the bed every morning

Do you make your bed every morning?


Karaoke Time - Dilemma

Throwback to this Nelly/Kelly banger!


Some dry jokes for your Thirsty Thursday

Nickson picked some goodies this week.


Spooky psychic had an inkling of what Tegan got up to over the weekend

That psychic wasn't wrong about "Max"


Karaoke Friday - Atomic Kitten

The tiiide is hiiigh but I'm hooolding on


The team is struggling!

Nickson is away and we're struggling without him


Karaoke: No Diggity

Some 90s Blackstreet for ya.


Can you answer this viral Tiktok question: How many birthdays are there?

Tegan attempts to give this tough one a crack.


Would you ever replace your thumb with your toe?

We heard a story about a lady having to replace her thumb with her toe, and we wanted to know what you'd do in her situation?


Tegan is in struggleville trying to say the word 'stringent'

Tegan: "What does it even mean??"


How to look like a legit music producer from home during the lockdown

All you need is your phone.


Tegan thought she knew what 'fufu' meant and kept using it during headlines

Aunty Tegan is in for a rude awakening.


Singing along to Dave Dobbyn's 'Slice of Heaven' for NZ music month

Happy NZ music month whānau!


Your best, quickest, cleanest, radio friendly jokes!

God we're witty!


When your help wasn't needed...

Have you ever tried to help someone and then completely screwed up?


Tegan tests Jordan's theory about Missy Elliott's 'Work It'

Jordan might be onto something here.


Nickson, Tegan and Jordan address the UK nurses haka video

Talking about the video that went viral today...


New high note challenge: Emotions (Mariah Carey)

Can you do it?


Watch: Chiefs player Angus Ta'avao's sultry saxophone performance

Angus Ta'avao blessing the internet on a Friday with this performance.


Friday Karaoke: The Climb (Miley Cyrus)

Some Miley Cyrus vibes from Nickson, Tegan and Jordan for your Friday!

Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday

Kiwi musicians submit their tracks & MMC play them out for you each Friday for a little feedback