Hell Pizza with the Mai Morning Crew

Having the day from hell? The MMC and Hell Pizza are here to make it all better…

Listen to the Mai Morning Crew every morning between 6-10am for your chance to score yourself the best damned pizza in this life or the next - all cheers to our mates at Hell Pizza.

You can now even get your vegan whanau involved with Hell new vegan menu; no surcharge for dairy-free cheese.

For the quickest way to Hell, download the android app here or go indulge your temptations at hellpizza.com

Lily slid right into a "California" twang



Lily can't help but fat shame two people in 24 hours

She just can't help herself...


WATCH: Burglars get "freaky in bed" to avoid getting caught by the police

Not a bad idea... if only they didn't get caught.


Nickson & Nate plot next years show line-up while Lily is locked out of the studio

Will Chang be joining the show in 2019?


Lily reckons she's psychic after nailing our brand new game

It was just a fluke though...


Nate describes a sexy DM he received and why he got sent it

Oh Nickson... You've done it again.


Nate made up a fake baby just so Kara would get off his case at a party

So full of lies...


Nate got toilet paper shamed in the supermarket by a bunch of kids

Shame Nate...


Lily eats in bed after a big night out - best feeling ever or totally disgusting?

You be the judge whanau


Nate once played Santa at the Fonterra Christmas party

Ho, Ho, Ho...


Lily hand shames Nate over his well groomed hands

Better start working on those hands...


Nate describes what it was like to eat a rat once upon a time

Don't try this at home kids...


Lily shares what not to do when an elevator cable snaps

Maybe don't listen to her advice...


WATCH: Kid fetches the remote for mum - that was right beside her foot

How crack up


Nickson reveals he hasn't tried Thai food in his life

How could this be true?!


Why Lily's neighbour claimed their family cat

What a fussy cat


The weird way Nate likes to "spice up" his relationship

Well this is a bit different...


Lily finally gets her facts correct - knowing exactly what a "ram" is

We're proud of you Lily!


Nickson's mate has a weird habit - smelling towels after showers to check if their bum smells

Well this is weird...


Lily claimed to have almost represented New Zealand in the Commonwealth Games

What a claim to make!

Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday

Kiwi musicians submit their tracks & MMC play them out for you each Friday for a little feedback

Feedback Friday

Kiwi musicians submit their tracks & MMC play them out for you each Friday for a little feedback

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