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It's feel good Friday Karaoke time!

Nickson, Tegan and Jordan spreading the good vibes.


Jordan's first heartbreak

Jordan talks about his first crush.


These dry jokes are so bad they're good

Fresh serve of dry jokes for your thirsty Thursday


Nickson and Tegan have an off-air ASMR moment

*mmm* *aaahhh*


A wholesome chat with Jordan's Nan

Nickson, Tegan, and Jordan call Jordan's Nan.


Nickson thought this was a clean version and played the bit with the word 'P*ssy' on air

Hope this doesn't get Nickson in trouble!


Nickson, Tegan and Jordan do the Britney Spears karaoke like no one is watching

10/10 performance from the morning crew. Lessgo!


Jordan explains how Jack from Titanic could be a time traveller

Your boy did some research that got Tegan and Nickson thinking


When can you say the person is 'the one'?

When you know, you know. You know?


Rap Battle (Part 3) - P Naughty Shawty picks up the W!!!

Shot aunty Tegan!


Nickson and Tegan's mind-blowing shower thoughts

Strange thoughts but they make sense.


BLOOPERS: Nickson and Tegan can't pull it together

These two aye...


The Brian McKnight High Note Challenge

Could you hit that high note??


The story Tegan wanted to leave in the past

Turns out Willy Moon wasn't a huge fan of 17-year old Tegan.


Jordan's conspiracy theory ruins the day for Tegan and Nickson

What an egghead.


Caller refuses prize money after playing a solid game of Mai Music Minute!

Did he really just say no to some cash??


Do men need permission from the missus before shaving off the beard?

Yes? No? Thoughts?


Straight up answers for when life sucks

Nickson, Tegan, K’Lee, Alex & Fame talk


Freestyle rap battle - Tegan VS Jordan Part 2

Round 2!


Awkward moment when Jordan f*cks up Tegan's headlines

Glad we caught this on cam!

Feedback Friday

Feedback Friday

Kiwi musicians submit their tracks & MMC play them out for you each Friday for a little feedback