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Tegan got snapped messaging Matua Marc's stepson

Whānau guys!!! Whānau, whānau … 😂😂😂


The question that triggers Jordan



Nickson announces he is leaving Mai

After 12 years at Mai, Nickson announced this will be his last week with the Mai Morning Crew.


Tegan shows how girls vs guys pose for candid Insta pics

Nailed it we reckon


Tegan can't say the word 'Anonymity'

Honestly though, how do you say it??


Karaoke Friday: Shaggy - Angel

We had to do it!


Tegan once got called out for being a bad kisser

Not the munchy mouth sis 🤣🤣🤣


We attempted the new Adeaze high note challenge, and Nainz Tupa'i judged us

If only Nickson told us 🤦‍♀️


What's something you wanna get off your chest?

Oh ay??


Who has the best American accent of the MMC?

Producer Ryan's tho 😂


WATCH: MMC's extra as Friday Karaoke video for Dei Hamo 'We Gon Ride'

So good!


Tegan reckons she's single cause her friends don't let her date their hot friends

So she called Brook from MHR to ask him why 😂


Jordan was feeling it this morning during Bobby Brown vs Chris Brown One Outs

Big mood from uncle today


Tegan found her "sole mate" over the weekend 😂

That's not a typo lol


Tegan's "complination" of all her stuff ups from this morning

Not one, not two, not three but FOUR mess ups in one show! Check out Tegan's "complination" of mistakes 😂


Watch Kings freestyle rap to J Cole's 'Wet Dreams'

He killed it!


Jordan scores a discount after getting mistaken for Caleb Clarke

Caleb is that you?


Jordan does a mean impression of DMX doing some intense praying

How good.


Googling what 'No Diggity' really means

It means 'no doubt' according to Google.


The Mai FM Cricket Quiz with NZ cricketers Ajaz Patel and Holly Huddleston