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Thinking of a career with New Zealand Police? But you have some questions that need answers before you apply?

New Zealand Police released an EPIC new recruitment video. And the cops in the new video might be able to help.

If they’ve answered all your questions apply now, or if you have more go to

Dani drops the lamest dad joke of all time and Fame can't handle the cringiness

Yes it was that bad of a joke...


Fame nearly spews after a caller reveals her favourite weird food combo: tuna + porridge



Fame needs a new mattress so Dani will give him one for free

Better be grateful, Fame.


Dani took a blood test and the results will crack you up

Gotta lay off the carbs for a while.


Buddy blown away by Fame's rap!

nice one Fame.


Jimi Jackson plays Fame Never Loses!

trivia time.


Fame losing it over Dani accidentally saying "Skop, Hip and Jump" is gold

Fame cracking up like this is the best thing ever.


Fame wants to be a boy-toy after finding out how much they earn a night!

Fame's keen to make a quick buck.


Dani and Fame fire shots at each other in epic diss battle

Friendships are on the line, nothing's off-limits...


Dani and Fame put their lip-reading skills to the test

It goes about as well as you'd expect...


WATCH: Fame forgets to record Desiigner interview

Fame forgets the first rule of interviewing.


Fame fails hard while trying to speak Italian


WATCH: Brook gets his legs waxed while reading the script for the 'Notebook'

All in the name of romance.


Speaking Cardi B with Dani and Fame



Dani attempts to break the world record for the most Ferrero Rochers eaten in one minute

Will she manage to beat the "un-official" official world record?


Watch the bloopers of Fame's 'In My Feelings' challenge

Sorry Fame, we had to do you like this lol

WATCH: Fame does the #InMyFeelingsChallenge

The moves of this man...

Samantha Hayes reveals she’s NOT naturally a ginger

If you don't know, now you know!


Fame tries to name four dinosaurs but makes up a new one instead

Sorry... what was that Fame?


Fame’s savage farewell to Suzy Cato

Rude Fame!