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Pick-up lines that are too cocky no one should be allowed to use them

Pick-up lines you should never use.


Dani prefers thick and moist meat for her homemade burger


Here's how Producer Brock became an influencer

Hashtag gift!


Fame once gave his high school sweetheart a naked surprise

True story.


Fame really digs himself into a hole with a comment about Dani's face

Shot Fame.


Dani hijacks headlines and annoys Fame with 'Rise and Shine'

Dani got him real good this time.


Dani tries to impress 5 dudes in Raro then ends up face planting in front of them

Life is rough man.


Funny moment when Dani forgets how to spell 'ninja'


Fame bumped up his age range on Tinder

LOL. This guy!


Dani would never date a Cook Islander and here's why!

Fair enough...


WATCH: Two callers hilariously struggle to figure out the name of Scribe's classic track "Dreaming"

The struggle was definitely real here.


Kiri has an unfortunate mishap with Fame

Poor Fame...


Fame, Dani and Producer Brock reveal the toughest part of their job

Fair enough!


Dani could be pregnant!

Might be a wee lil bun in the oven!


Cream is Fame's secret recipe for a scrumptious mashed potato dish!


Fame legit thought this caller's last name was 'Burger Ring'

He's so wrong...


Fame leaves Dani a little shook over his 'couch fantasy'

Fame and his quirky fantasies again...


Fame would rather a kaka-mo than a wedgie

Nope. Just no.


Dani and Brook throw their mums under the bus for still rocking sneans

Look at these two...


Only Brook would get away with a DEEZ NUTS joke on-air like this

What is this man even up to seriously...