3 Body Problem's Jess Hong joins MMC
3 Body Problem's Jess Hong joins MMC
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Mai Morning Crew

Kiwi actor Jess Hong shares her experience working in Netflix's new big show '3 Body Problem'

3 Body Problem is streaming now on Netflix.
15 April 2024 8:09AM

'3 Body Problem' is currently one of the biggest shows at the moment and is trending #5 on Netflix, at the time of writing this.

Jess Hong who plays Jin Chengon on '3 Body Problem' joined Mai Morning Crew to chat about the show and her experience. We also got a wholesome union of two P Naughty Shawties - Jess and our very own Tegs. Turns out they worked at the same plaza too!

How crack-up was it when Jess talked about getting used to being 'brought lunch to her', and T-Money just walked in with a cup of coffee too. 

From talking about how it was working with such a show of that high scale, how the directors allowed her to keep her New Zealand accent, the kind of food that was served during lunch, check it out above.