Watch Storme's live audition for the Te Reo Māori Version of Encanto
Mai Morning Crew
Mai Morning Crew

Watch Storme's live audition for the Te Reo Māori Version of Encanto

It's actually pretty impressive!
20 July 2023 10:16AM

Matewa Media have been legends releasing our disney favourites in Te Reo, and just last week Coco was released in the cinemas. 

The next movie the company is venturing into is the Academy Award winning Disney movie 'Encanto' for which our boy Storme had been wanting to audition for.

A quick back story - Storme was actually preparing to audition for 'Coco Reo Māori' but just few days before the auditon day, the haka got the best of him and he lost his voice. 

Lucky him though cause auditions for another Disney movie that's getting a Te Reo Māori adaptation is currently open. 

Two weeks ago, Producer T-Money and Fame put Storme on the spot to audition live on air for the role 'Felix' from Encanto.

There are two parts to the audition - delivering the character's dialogue in Te Reo and singing the character's song. 

Storme's dialogue delivery for Felix was actually really impressive! 

The second part of the audition, Producer T-Money joined as Felix's wife and the duo proved why they are 'The Ebony and Ivory Productions'.

As a fellow band member and a massive musical lover, Producer T-Money's got a few words for Storme.

"I feel Mr Hitaua really excels in the acting part of the audition. Great tonal control, great delivery, great speed, great diction. Where I feel he could improve just a tinnnyy bit was his singing performance - vocal control possibly due to his nodes, but still incredible performance. I can envisage him as Felix!" - Storme. 

Mai whānau have been real supportive with the audition videos that have been shared on the Mai Morning Crew socials.

"He was spot on he has to get the part" 

"That was mean as" 

"For real send it in !!!!"

But it's gonna be crack up if Matewa Media watches this audition and offers the role to Producer T-Money instead of Storme...surely not... or? 

If you're wondering if Storme has submitted it? Yup he has indeed and now we sit back, relax and wait for results...

(No pressure Storme, but we believe in ya)

Auditions are currently still open for Encanto until Sunday 23 July 11.59pm so if you've been wanting to give a shot, you can do it here.