Fame caught up with Dev Patel
Fame caught up with Dev Patel to talk about Monkey Man
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Dev Patel proves he's the real 'Monkey Man'

Monkey Man hits the theatres this Thursday April 4.
2 April 2024 7:53AM

If you've seen that clip on socials of Dev Patel getting a standing ovation after the first premiere at theatres for 'Monkey Man', we finally know why.

Fame, Producer T-Money, and Paige from the office had to give him his flowers and give him a standing ovation before kicking off the interview, for his incredible movie 'Monkey Man' where he acted and directed. 

'Monkey Man' is Dev Patel's feature film directorial debut. Jordan Peele is the producer of this film. Dev Patel and Jordan Peele? Yesssirrr!

"I sacrificed a lot, disappeared for a long time to make this. I was like, "are people gonna remember me? will anyone show up?" We had a queue spanning three blocks to see this film at the festival. We won the audience award. It was MAD," Dev said.

Before the first premiere, Dev Patel recalls 'malfunctioning', and downing 'three red bulls'.

"I was pacing. I'd been in a dark edit suite. I hadn't even seen the final product of it cause we've been editing down to the wire and doing the sound. So I was experiencing with these guys for the first time," Dev said

Fame and Producer T-Money who have watched it already told it's a 'top 3 movie' from the last five years. 

"I'm not lying when I say we have to give you your flowers. Cause I went to go see it yesterday with our Producer. When we walked out that movie, we arguably said, probably like a top 3 movie we've seen in the past five years," Fame told Dev. 

"Get out of here" Dev replied. 

Fame tested if Dev was his character 'Monkey Man', and he sure proved how 'sadistic' he is. Check it out here.

The 33-year-old actor/director used Boney M's track in his recent movie since growing up the group was his mum's favourite, and always listening to them - it became the soundtrack of his youth. 

Producer T-Money's Honest Review

Monkey Man is the refresh that the action genre needed! It's almost hard to believe that this is the first movie Dev Patel has ever directed. It's slick, incredibly paced, and so much fun. You can compare aspects of this film to other great revenge-style action films, but it really feels like it stands alone as a super unique and inspired story. Dev not only has the directing chops but his talent in the lead role is so impressive. He wrote and directed this movie because he was sick of being cast as the 'sidekick' or the guy 'hacking into the mainframe' and I'm so glad he did. His range is on FULL display throughout this film, he is intense and funny and commanding. I hope to see Dev as the next Tom Cruise because he absolutely deserves it. Lastly - this movie contains one of the most original and creative training montages I've ever seen! Rocky Balboa eat your heart out. GO SEE THIS MOVIE PLEASE.

Watch the full interview above. 

Monkey Man releases this Thursday 4 April.