Fame and Storme chat with Jason Mamoa
Bit of a shitty situation if you ask us...
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Mai Morning Crew

We forced Jason Momoa to choose between Blues and Hurricanes rugby jerseys

Fame and Storme caught up with Jason Momoa before the NZ premiere of Fast X.

Mai Morning Crew's Storme and Fame took along two rugby jerseys as koha for Jason Momoa as he attended the premiere of the new 'Fast X' film here in Aotearoa.

However, there was a catch. Jason could only choose one. Picking between the Auckland 'Blues' and the Wellington Hurricanes - Will he be a loyal friend to his mates who play for the Blues? Or will he be someone who doesn't "spit on all of the aunties and uncles"?

Check out the video above to find out which jersey Jason Mamoa picks.

The MMC boys caught up with Jason to chat more about his latest role in 'Fast X' and find out the juicy details of his friendship with Kiwi greats, Taika Waititi and Cliff Curtis.

Talking about his friendship with his Kiwi whānau Jason explains his close relationship with Taika and his kids, inviting them to the premier and catching up for a little soirée with the likes of Cliff Curtis and "Uncle" Izzy.

Jason shared about how he "practically lives with" and looks up to New Zealand actor Cliff Curtis.

"He's an idol, someone I looked up to. I mean, like how many brown-skinned brothers do we have that we can look up to?"

He then explains the "unique relationship" he has with him and how exciting it has been for him to now direct his very own idol. 

"It's so based off of art and I have such an admiration for him because he plays all these roles that no one's played," he said.

That may just be the key to Jason's unconventional villain role in the tenth instalment of the 'Fast and Furious' franchise - 'Fast X'. 

Playing the villainous role of Dante Reyes, Jason revealed he built a lot of the character on his own, without any influence of other typical bad guys we've seen in film. 

"I built a lot of that character on my own. But the idea of just if someone took even if you're a bad guy, you kill my bad dad. I still like my bad dad, you know, I still have daddy issues. You took everything from me. I have nothing left.  And you have this amazing family", he explained his process. 


"It's just the most unimaginable pain I'm gonna put you through. You've embraced the devil. But now I want to make him very approachable and likeable, but that's just because he wears pastels" he continued.