Fame sat down with Home Brew
Fame sat down with Home Brew
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Mai Morning Crew

Fame talked to Home Brew after THAT Homegrown moment

did anyone notice that fall on stage?
22 March 2024 6:53AM

Fame from the Mai Morning Crew sat down for a few brews with one of Aotearoa's finest - Home Brew.

Fame caught up with Tom Scott and Harry "Haz Beats" Huavi after their solid performance at Jim Beam Homegrown. 

Talking about performing to the crowd with new music, Fame asked if it felt like 'riding a bicycle',  to which Harry "Haz Beats" Huavi agreed and explained that it's all about passing the energy: the more energy the boys gave it to the crowd, the more the crowd gave back the energy. 

Adding onto that, Tom Scott also revealed how the actual work was even before they went up on stage. The boys do a pre-performance ritual where their guitarist, who's a Buddhist, plays some meditating tunes, and they all do a guided meditation together.

"He hit us with a little guided meditation, and honestly I think it helped aye. Cause we're all present as", Tom Scott said as he showed the word 'PRESENT' written with a marker on his left hand.

Just then, Harry also revealed how he fell off the stage but being in that mind space, he was all good.

"I fell off the stage and I still felt happy" Harry said.

After the fall, he "looked up" and was like "guided meditation! Be Happy, be happy".

The boys from Home Brew also talked about who they're really making music for at the moment and Fame tried to get some deets on what's next for Home Brew.

Check out the full interview above.