Mai Morning Crew chats with TikToker Curls
Mai Morning Crew chats with TikToker Curls
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Mai Morning Crew

Honourary uso Curls reveals Samoan food as his favourite cuisine

Big love to the brother!
19 April 2024 9:20AM

If you're on TikTok, you know this guy. 

British TikTok user Curls came through to the Mai HQ, to chat about his incredible foodtok (food TikTok) journey so far.

He's got heaps of videos trying out different kai from different parts of the world.

Nickson had to ask which culture's cuisine was Curls' favourite. After giving a big shoutout to hāngī, he officially revealed that Samoan food is his favourite so far. 

For someone unfamiliar with him, this is how he describes the sort of content he creates:

"I'd love to say it was anything different other than Aotearoa. But it's literally just every last nook and cranny of this country."

"I've been here for four years. And roughly 18 months ago, I thought to myself, 'okay, I've seen enough videos of the mountains of Queenstown and yeah they're obviously gorgeous of course,' they are but living down in Wellington, I spent a bit of time in Porirua for work and I thought to myself, 'hang on a minute, these places aren't being shown'."

'Thought to myself these stories aren't being told. These foods aren't being promoted in the way they should be. So I just fell in love with the place, and I guess I thought the world should know about us" Curls told the Mai Morning Crew.

From his first video blowing up to getting the hood pass, and going full-time on content creation, he's really made it!

There's no camera crew, nothing. It's just him and his $20 selfie stick - yup probably the only person who's still rocking them.

Check out the full chat above.