Lin Manuel Miranda chats to Tegan from the MMC about 'Hamilton' coming to NZ
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'It's exciting': Lin Manuel Miranda buzzed about Kiwi actor adding haka movement to 'Hamilton'

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The award-winning musical show ‘Hamilton’ is making its way to Aotearoa in May as part of a successful international tour.

Our girl Tegan, from the Mai Morning Crew, caught up with the one and only Lin Manuel Miranda to chat about the show's exciting journey across the ditch.

Talking about the Aussie/Kiwi cast for the upcoming show in Aotearoa,  Lin mentioned the unique Kiwi flare that actor Matu Ngaropo brings to his character George Washington.

Speaking about the haka movements, Lin said: “It’s pretty extraordinary, he has a sword in one hand, and he’s got this hand going like this [wiri].”

He added: “I spotted it because I worked on Moana, and I got like a crash course in lots of different Pacific Island cultures working on that film. Yeah, that was really exciting.”

He added that the uniqueness brought into the show by the actors adds to the storyline of his original production.

“You’ve got this story that is set in a very specific time and place, but the storytellers also influence it and influence how it’s being told.”

The musical is based on the life of American founding father Alexander Hamilton and has significantly influenced culture, politics, and education since its debut.

Hamilton established itself as a groundbreaking moment in theatre with its creative blend of hip-hop, jazz, R&B, and Broadway.

When asked about the cultural importance of the show Lin told Tegan that although the show is about the founding fathers of the United States, the storyline has a much deeper and impactful meaning.

Lin explained: “It’s about legacy, history, how we are remembered, and how that depends on who we are survived by.”

He describes the three characters Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr and Eliza Schuyler and how they represent the three approaches to life.


“We’ll do terrible things in the name of achieving greatness, but it’s far more noble and far more lasting to chase goodness.”


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