Freestyle Challenge: Can you rhyme 'mai' on the spot
Mai Morning Crew
Mai Morning Crew

Freestyle Challenge: Can you rhyme 'mai' on the spot

The mai whānau are the real stars on our show
26 August 2022 4:20PM

Gimmick definitely deserved the win for this one.

With a double pass to Kendrick Lamar's NZ show up for grabs, we set a challenge for the whānau listening.

We'd through a random word at you, and you had to freestyle around it, if you passed... the tickets were all yours.

Gimmick rang through and absolutely killed it. 

The word he needed to rhyme? we went with a nice and easy one 'Mai'.

'Damm this guy was da shiznit this morning he deserved to win the tickets his freestyle was awesome' wrote one person on Insta with another saying 'Gimmick 4 the win!!!'.

Gimmick himself jumped in the comments saying 'Wooohooo!!!! Thanks for the love everybody'.

Watch the full video below: