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Mai Morning Crew interviews The Nun director
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The Nun II Director Michael Chaves shares 'eerie vibes' that he experienced on-set

Ahead of the release of The Nun sequel, Fame and T-Money got the chance to chat with the Michael!
5 September 2023 7:25AM

'The Nun 2', the ninth installment of the Conjuring Universe franchise is the sequel to the 2018 movie 'The Nun'. 

Ahead of the release of 'The Nun 2' this Thursday, September 7,  Fame and T-Money got the chance to chat with the creator of the film, the director - Michael Chaves.

Fame had to ask if there were any 'eerie vibes' on set during the filming of the horror movie, and yup turns out there were a some early on in the film production. 

"Generally when we were shooting news, it was great vibes. Because the team was great. We're surrounded by lovely people," Michael said.

"It's also hard to get eerie vibes when you have like a million people there on production because even if you're only shooting it, you got like so many people behind you," he added.

With that said, he did reveal that they experienced those eerie vibes early on when they were scouting locations.

"We were scouting all over France, and we would go into these old churches and these old schools and the school that we actually shot in was like the - the building is like hundreds of years old. And then before that, it used to be a convent. And then underneath is like built on Roman ruins."

"It's like the courtyard... the main center where they basically would have all of these public executions like back in the day. And it's like beheadings"

"So you learn about it, and it's like terrifying hearing that stuff. And then you go like when you're just like a couple of handful of people like scouting these places, you go into like, you know, the basement."

"Everything's super narrow because it's Europe and like, you're just like barely fitting in there. You got your iPhone flashlight going down these little catacombs and it's super scary. I'm also worried if this is structurally sound? Is it just going to collapse on me or something?"

Then he mentioned the creepy encounter of a wooden chair at the catacombs like how it was in the horror catacomb movie, 'As Above, So Below'.

"There's moments in that where you'd find like these old like a wooden chair just sitting by itself, underground.  And who's sitting on the chair? Like, why is it chair storage? Scary stuff" Michael told. 

Watch the full interview above.