Mai Morning Crew x Moontide fishing
Mai Morning Crew x Moontide fishing
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Mai Morning Crew

Learn how to use the Māori lunar calendar to try and snag some fish with the power of the moon

Check out to see who caught more fish! Is it Storme or Fame?
12 June 2023 2:38PM

Fame and Storme from the Mai Morning Crew caught up with Nore Martin from Moontide Fishing to try their luck on fishing to the Maramataka (Māori lunar calendar) whilst learning about it.

"Maramataka in relation to fishing is basically to do with the effect of the moon, how it affects the tides, how it affects fish behaviour, the energy associated with the moon" Nore explained.

Not only was this the first time Fame went fishing, but he was also the first one to catch on the day!

Although Storme started out rough first, he sure proved his skills towards the end with some back to back catches. 

As Nore said, "and that's how our tipuna, our people used to live and are starting to get back into the whole kaupapa of living by the Maramataka - planting, fishing, hunting, all of that. Knowing when and where to gather kai to feed our whānau".

Check out the video above to see who catches the most fish while learning how knowing and following Maramataka can help you in your next fishing!

Moon Tide Fishing season 3 out tomorrow 13 June 2023 on Whakaata Māori and Māori plus.

The show "celebrates fishing to the Maramataka - the Māori Lunar Calendar, with presenter Nore Martin. This ancient knowledge shows where and when to fish, according to the phases of the moon".