Mai FM Frequencies

Listen to Mai FM wherever you are in New Zealand or around the world.

In your car and can't find Mai? No worries, we got you - find a Mai frequency you need below.

But if you don't have an old school radio and only have a phone - because it's not 2007 anymore - then even better, because you can stream for free and in HD from anywhere in the world on rova. Say goodbye to remembering frequencies!

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Whangārei 107.3

Auckland 88.6

Hamilton 105.8

Tauranga 96.6

Reporoa 98.0

Rotorua 105.5

Gisborne 89.3

Hawkes Bay 105.5

Manawatu 97.0

Wanganui 96.0

Wellington 100.5

Christchurch 106.8

For our international listeners (or if you just have dodgy reception) then stream Mai in HD on the rova app (download it now from the App Store or Google Play).