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Tegan pronounces it wrong
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WATCH: Tegan completely butchers Māori pronounciation of 'Hato Hone St John'

"Gotta slap the colonizer out of me"
26 April 2023 12:18PM

Tegan made a crack-up mistake on air this morning when she didn't realise that Hato Hone is the Māori translation of St John. 

She made the slip up during a 'Headlines' segment when talking about the top 12 most trusted brands in Aotearoa.

After revealing Whittaker's as the #1 brand, she moved on to #2, which is 'Hato Hone St John'. Just as she was about to read it, her other ethnicity took over.

She starts off correctly pronouncing 'Hato Hone' as she did a couple of 'Ha' attempts, but ended up saying 'Hey-toh-hone'. Aw gummon.

Storme quickly corrected her pronunciation with a straight face, but it didn't last long. 

"Oi I just need to slap the colonizer out of me. Sorry guys!" Tegan said as she slapped herself.

She also added a 'Street' in there instead of 'Saint', sort it out Tegs!

"'G where do you stay g?'," Fame joked.  "'Ah bro, Hato Hone road bro'."