UB40 Robin reveals if he's sick of performing Red Red Wine
UB40 Robin reveals if he's sick of performing Red Red Wine
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Mai Morning Crew

UB40's Robin Campbell reveals if they're sick of playing the classic 'Red Red Wine'

"There are no greater buzz than having thousands of singing back at you with your songs"
11 April 2024 10:27AM

The Mai Morning Crew caught up with UB40's vocalist and guitarist Robin Campbell after they announced their RED RED WINE Tour. 

One of UB40's classics 'Red Red Wine', a cover of Neil Diamond, is the name of their brand new tour.

It's been THE SONG since the 80s, and it continues to get the love to date. 

"Do you still enjoy playing 'Red Red Wine', like is there any song now where you are like 'nah that's enough'?" Nickson asked Robin.

Robin laughed.

"No, there's no song that we - well we don't rehearse them because we've played them so many thousands of times," Robin said.

"We don't like rehearsing them. The second the audience is there and you've got that relationship between you and the audience. The response the audience give you, when you play a song like 'Red Red Wine', make it worthwhile. It doesn't matter how tired you are of playing that song, when you've got a live audience and they're singing it back to you - it's great fun again! That's why we play all our old hits, many of them as we can".

"That's what I mean. It must be such an epic feeling to know that you can be a band that can put the mic out to the crowd and you know they will sing back to you. It's the worst when you see a band and you don't know the words," Nickson added.

"Our audience knows the songs", Robin said.

They come to party, they come to dance and they come to singalong.

Check the full chat above. 

The legendary pop icons UB40 and special guest Eagle-Eye Cherry are bringing their RED RED WINE Tour to New Zealand this October.‌