Mai | Mai Morning Crew's Safe Space is back
Mai | Mai Morning Crew's Safe Space is back
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Safe Space

'treated them like an inhaler' nah this story is pushing the Safe Space to it's limits

Ok whose mate is this carrying around undies to have a sniff throughout the day.
19 September 2022 12:39PM

I'm glad we've got the Safe Space whānau because without it, I'd hate to think of anywhere else you could share these stories.

We've had a break from the Safe Space but without it, have felt the judgment levels around Aotearoa creeping back up so decided today was the day for it to make its return, almost like a warm hug for us korero (with no judgment of course).

Jordan kicked things off with a story of someone who definitely had a worse morning on the way to work than you.

But nothing prepped us for the story of one guy who use to carry his partner's undies around with him in his back pocket so he could 'treat it like an inhaler' and have a few good sniffs during the day.

hey, no judgment here.

That was until he got could out by his workmates when they saw them hanging from his pants.

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