WATCH: Fame gets absolutely roasted for his extremely questionable boil up recipe
Mai Morning Crew
Mai Morning Crew

WATCH: Fame gets absolutely roasted for his 'culturally offensive' boil up recipe

"Your ancestors will be dissapointed in you my cuz"
25 January 2023 10:11AM

Boil up has to be one of the most iconic staples in Māori cuisine, loved and cherished by generations upon generations.

So when Fame's partner (who's from the UK) was feeling unwell he thought he'd make her a boil up to cheer her up and get her back on the path to health.

However when Fame detailed exaclty what he put in said boil up it had all of us wondering what in the vinegar is going on with this man? 

Ultimately it's the thought that counts, so we're proud of Fame for trying to provide some comfort to his sick partner, he might just need  few tips for next time!