Mai Home Run with Iam Tongi
Iam Tongi sat down with Randy and Desch for a chat at Eden Festival
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Mai Home Run

Iam Tongi's reaction to trying Poppa Jacks and other Kiwi snacks for the first time is crack up

The bro even did no lips when drinking the L&P!
11 October 2023 2:59PM

One of the most awaited music festivals this year - Eden Festival went down last weekend on October 7th, and one of the artists who performed was Iam Tongi. 

Randy and Desch from Mai Home Run got to sit and chat with the one and only Iam Tongi, ahead of his performance.

From learning Kiwi slangs to trying out Kiwi snacks the 18-year-old singer did it all.

We wanted to gift him some classic Kiwi snacks that he could try out and enjoy at the festival. 

Whittaker chocolates, Poppa Jacks, Cookie Time cookies, Starbursts and L&P were the treats we brought in. 

After opening the packet of Poppa Jacks and taking a sniff, he was not that impressed and was also second-guessing about trying it. But after some hype from the boys, one bite of the Poppa Jacks and his hand went back into the bag. 

That immediate head turn says it all!

Not sure where Desch learned that the green flavour in Starburst is apple cause it's lime - but one thing we know is that Iam isn't into apple flavoured lollies.

Iam tried the purple one, the wildberry flavour instead, which was recommended by Randy and safe to say the bro LOVED it. 

The uce also did the no lips when drinking L&P - he knows he knows!

Towards the end of the interview, the boys did Iam dirty by making him play 'Start, Bench, Cut' with artists he's always looked up to - Kolohe Kai, SpawnBreezie and Fiji. Gummonnn now!

Check out the full video above to watch it all.