Temuera Morrison and Robyn Malcom joins MHR
Temuera Morrison and Robyn Malcom joins MHR for a chat
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Mai Home Run

Temuera Morrison and Robyn Malcom tells us how it feels to work together after 28 years

'Far North' is a drama based on one of NZ's biggest drug busts.
11 August 2023 7:39AM

Former Shortland Street stars Temuera Morrison and Robyn Malcom are reuniting on screen after 28 years this Monday with 'Far North,' a new dark comedy drama.

This drama is based on a true event, one of New Zealand's biggest drug busts where half a tonne of meth was found in a beach.

A group of Auckland boys struggle to get the drugs out of the boat. Few locals end up helping them thinking they're "nice Auckland boys", but only to get caught in the middle of it. 

"It starts like that and then turns into a comedy of erorrs that gets nuttier and nuttier and nuttier as time goes on" Robyn said.

They also shared how the drama also shows what actually took place on the boat from Hongkong to Aotearoa, carrying all that drugs. 

"They actually literally almost died of starvation so. That's part of this drama too," Temuera said. 

Temuera and Robyn both shared how it was "so good" to know that they were working together on this drama.

"We had not worked for a long time. But we're very good friends, we're neighbours. It was nice to get back with Robyn after all these years," Temuera told Mai Home Run. 

"I head this great quote once that when acting is feeling realy good, it should feel like you're walking downhill, it should feel that easy. And that's how it felt like working with him. It was so easy and natural," Robyn shared. 

"I never heard that before. I like that," Temuera replied. 

"It did feel very easy, nice chemistry and it was natural" Temuera added. 

Watch the full chat of Mai Home Run with some of Aotearoa's finest actors above. 

'Far North' releases on August 14 at 8.30pm on TV Three.