Beats By Desch Full Set
Desch makes his DJ debut live on the Mai Home Run
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Mai Home Run

FULL MIX: Desch did his first ever DJ set live on air and this is how it went…

Big ups Desch!
4 August 2023 7:02PM

Intern Desch’s New Year's resolution was to become a DJ, so Randy and Tylie from the Mai Home Run decided to bring this resolution to life. 

For the past three weeks, Desch has been mentored by Mai FM DJ ‘Wilk The Baddist’ to prepare him for a 15 minute mix live On Air. Watch the full mix above! 

Co-workers, friends and family came into the studio to watch him mix for the first time ever and it was a pretty wholesome moment. He even had a few voice messages left for him by friends and whānau, try not to tear up when listening alriiiite?

The hype was huge and our boy absolutely killed it. Big ups Intern Desch - or should we say, ‘Beats by Desch’. 

Listen to the full mix below!