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Mai Home Run

WATCH: Mahalia joins the Mai Home Run and talks plans to return to Aotearoa very soon

‘I would just really like to come back’.

The Mai Home Run were pumped to have R&B artist Mahalia join them for an interview on the show, where she dropped some suuuuuper exciting news for us. 

Her new album called ‘IRL’ is to drop July 14th, which she said is “kind of like a love letter” to herself.

“It's an album that talks about independence in every form. I think of my first album, I was almost trying to talk myself into being this uncompromising, independent woman.

“And I think on this record you can really feel that I'm there and that that really is my truth.”

They talked about her track ‘Cheat’ which she said didn’t actually write herself. With the help of a couple mates, they created a tune we luckily got blessed with.

“That was the one record on the album that I didn't actually write. That one came to me from a couple of friends of mine” she said. “So I can't totally say that that's my story."

“But to me, if anybody has a cheating story, that's your story.” 

Randy pulled through and let her know how big of fans we are here, which she followed up with some exciting news.

“I think finally I'm going to be able to come back to New Zealand,” she said, “which I'm currently working on, hoping to come back, I think, in your guys' summer.”

She had just finished her last tour here in Aotearoa when she got the news she had to go back to London because of the pandemic. Three years since her last visit is three years too long. 

Fingers crossed everyone. If Mahalia comes to Aotearoa this summer, we can guarantee it’ll be a good one!

Catch Mahalia’s full chat with Mai Home below!