Steven Adams proves why he’s the GOAT with humble act at Auckland airport

Headlines 20/07/2022

Steven Adams, the toughest guy in the NBA, left a fan stunned after his humble act in the Auckland Airport. 

Tim Alpe, an NZ businessman, was waiting in the Air New Zealand Koru Lounge when the 2.11 metre tall Adams sat next to him.

Alpe said that Adams was smashing back a huge breakfast, “fitting someone of his size."

You've earned that mate. 

Then, Alpe said he saw Adams do something unexpected, but choice as. 

“After finishing his breakfast he proceeded to take all his dirty dishes up to the kitchen and thank the staff personally.”

Far out, what a guy! Ka Pai Steve. 

Tim said that he knows it’s just a small act, but Adams’ wealth and popularity would’ve served as an easy excuse to just leave the dishes where they are - which you’re allowed to do anyway!

“This is a man who earns $20m+ per annum, could fly private if he wanted and who could easily get used to people doing everything for him. Instead, here he is putting his dishes away, despite the lounge having staff who collect them from your table.

"I thought it was totally cool and just reiterated to me what a legend he is in so many ways. A real credit to Rotorua and New Zealand."

He is a perfect example of class having nothing to do with wealth and status. Being respectful and humble costs nothing and goes a long way.

Tu meke Steven Adams - you’re the man g!

Source: NZ Herald