‘Kanikani music with a kaupapa’: Māori artist Rei just dropped his new 'haka rap' song ‘Toitū’

‘Kanikani music with a kaupapa’: Māori artist Rei just dropped his new 'haka rap' song ‘Toitū’

Sheeeesh, this is a lit one.

One of Aotearoa’s most talented artists just dropped a new Te Reo waiata that comes with a powerful kaupapa. 

Tāmaki Makarau based singer/rapper Rei (Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Pākeha) premiered his new track ‘Toitū’ last night. It’s a reo rap/dance music song that’s about upholding the treaty and keeping the mana during times when the Māori culture seems at risk. 

“It’s haka raps with big landback energy,” Rei said about the waiata. “I've got a good feeling about this one.”

“Kanikani music with a kaupapa!! Rehekoooooo.”

Commenters so far are loving it. 

“Mauri ora bro,” wrote one person. “On the mahi and repping Māori music and Te Reo. Love how you always mix bright lights with poi, mau rākau, etc

“Ka mau te wehi!!” said another. 

“That was epic and I don't even speak Māori,” a third added. 

It’s the first single Rei has dropped since December last year when he dropped the waiata aroha ‘Haumiri Iho’. He dropped that because he felt there wasn't enough sexy Reo music out there and wanted to make sure all genres and topics were covered! Good on the bro. 

His whole goal with music is to not just keep Te Reo alive but to grow it through his music. He thinks we shouldn’t limit the language and that it needs to be used in more areas than it already is. 

“My thing about te reo Māori is that we’ve got to open it up and not be so precious about it so that it can develop,” he told Vice in 2018. “Let the young people make up their own words to use in this modern-day context.”

Ngā mihi on the new record Rei, it’s a jam for sure.