Whittaker's new tropical flavour just dropped AND it's staying for good

Whittaker's new tropical flavour just dropped AND it's staying for good

It must be legit yum.

Imma need all the white chocolate lovers to listen up because Whittaker’s has just released their new tropical block.

Inspired by mango sticky rice pudding, the Mango & Coconut Block is legit exactly as it sounds. Packed with chewy mango chunks and toasted coconut. 

Whittaker’s Chief Marketing Officer, Soraya Cottin, says the new flavour is so yum the team reckon “it deserves a permanent spot” in their lineup.

“We hope chocolate lovers enjoy this little taste of the tropics as summer comes to an end,” Soraya added.

I’m already daydreaming about chilling on the beach, so we’ll have to see if it fills the sunfilled gap

We've been eagerly awaiting a new flavour since the Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers Facebook page teased us with “something new is on the horizon” last week.

Posting a picture of a lone mango appearing in a sunrise, we knew we were in for some sort of tropical treat. 

Loads of Kiwi fans made their best guess with some wondering whether it may be a mix of passionfruit or pineapple. 

With the trend of pineapple-flavoured squiggles and choccy milk sneaking in NZ snacks, I was quietly stoked to know that it hadn’t made its way into yet another of my fave treats. 

Mango and coconut on the other hand we’re so incredibly here for. 

“Woo Hoo a yummy mango flavour soon! 🎉🎉🎉🥭🥭🥭,” one fan wrote on the teaser.

Another said: “Mango, coconut and chocolate. Sounds perfect for me!”

While a third doesn’t have to worry any longer after saying: “Please be mango and white choc! We need more white chocolate flavours! Don't be scared 😅.”

Whittaker’s new Mango & Coconut Block will be available in stores up and down the country from Monday 22nd April.