Steven Adams voted NBA's toughest player

Headlines 05/10/2018

We like to think we breed em' tough down under, and it turns out everyone else thinks so too as Steven Adams has just been voted the toughest player in the NBA. Newshub's Ben Francis has more:

Kiwi basketballer Steven Adams has been voted the NBA's toughest player in's annual survey of league general managers.

Adams took 33 percent of the vote in this year's survey, while LeBron James, Marcus Smart, Draymond Green and James Johnson - a former professional fighter - rounded out the top five.

In last year's survey, Adams was tied for first place with 14 percent of the vote, along with Green and Kawhi Leonard. Now, he holds the mantle all on his own.

But Adams didn't really seem to care with the survey results, when asked about it at a Thunder media conference.

"Do I get anything?" Adams asked. "Do I win? Do I get a bonus? That'll be sick!

"I don't know, it seems dumb. It does... it seems like a weird thing to poll. Guys are just bored, I think."

Adams has had to put up with his fair share of oncourt incidents, which never seem to faze him.

He has had several incidents where he has been kicked in the groin and deliberately elbowed in the head.

The Thunder are currently preparing for their next pre-season game against the Detroit Pistons, before the NBA season that starts in two weeks.

Credit to Newshub.