Watch these Aussies freak out over Māori kai like kina, pāua and fry bread

Headlines 16/03/2022

We all know we’ve got a bit of friendly beef with our Australian mates across the ditch, whether it’s over rugby, who invented pavlova or why they incorrectly call jandals ‘thongs’. 

We can’t help but love each other deep down though, and can usually find a way to celebrate both our differences and our similarities. 

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If you’ve ever wondered what Aussies would make of traditional Māori and Kiwi kai, wonder no longer, because Buzzfeed Oz has put some iconic snacks like kina, pāua, fry bread and cream donuts to the test. 

Digital creator Jordaan Tuitama talked Buzzfeed through the different kai on offer and cracked up at some of the Aussie reactions. 

"I don't mind people eating Māori food…taking Māori land? Well that’s another kōrero and another video," he joked. 

To be able to share the kai that we have and our people have thrived on, it's cool. It’s cool to share with the world.

Of course, treats like the fresh cream donut and fry bread with heaps of butter went down well with the Buzzfeed Oz team, but they found some of the kai moana a bit more challenging. 

The raw fish in coconut cream reminded one of the team of “coleslaw”, while the kina was described as “an oyster times 10”. 

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“This is so far out of my comfort zone,” one of the hosts said about the spiky delicacy. 

Jordaan also warned that eating pāua was like “eating a Dunlop tire - without the rubbery taste” but the Buzzfeed team were surprisingly keen on it!

Check out the video to see the Aussies react to some of Aotearoa’s finest cuisine.