'Never wanna leave': SZA sent off with a powerful karakia from NZ fans at last Spark Arena show

'Never wanna leave': SZA sent off with a powerful karakia from NZ fans at last Spark Arena show

"I’ve never experienced energy like this."

SZA's love for all things Aotearoa is off the charts! She wrapped up her 'S.O.S' NZ tour with a bang at Spark Arena last night, and the 'Good Days' singer felt the aroha right back from the crowd.

The whole arena of fans got together to give SZA a powerful karakia as she said ka kite to the country.

“We’re gonna do a karakia to send SZA off in the right way,” one fan led Kiwi fans as SZA held up a Tino Rangatiratanga Flag.

“So together I would like us all to tautoko her, but we’re gonna do this silently. If you know it join in,” the fan added. 

It was incredible to see how quiet the crowd went to honour SZA and her time here in Aotearoa.

The crowd erupted into a booming cheer as they ended the beautiful karakia, and the huge smile on SZA’s face said it all.

At the end of her show, she urged her fans to bring “New Zealand energy to the world”.

“I literally cried this morning thinking about leaving here,” SZA said.

“Because I’ve never experienced energy like this anywhere else. I want you to understand that as somebody who isn’t from here and isn’t used to this, how unusual and refreshing it is.”

Getting emotional, she continued: “What I’m begging you to do is please take this into the world. Please take it on to the internet, take it wherever you go, please.”

“You all have some of the rarest energy I’ve ever encountered in my life. I am begging you to please spread New Zealand to the world.”

It’s always special to see how awesome our crowd can be, but for SZA to really feel the power of our culture is amazing.

Taking to Twitter late last night, SZA wrote: “I’ve never had more ppl pray for me and over me than In New Zealand no joke every day it’s a diff person or group. The arena sound broke my in ears I couldn’t keep them in it was so loud... I never wanna leave this place 😩🥹🥲”

"Kirituhi by @maia_ink_leroy one side represents my mother's lineage the other my fathers. Thank you".

Wrap up your tour and come straight back girl, we’re waiting for you with open arms!