WATCH: Gordon Ramsay cooks Pāua scrambled eggs in New Zealand

Headlines 29/07/2019

Celebrity chef and foul language enthusiast Gordon Ramsay has spent a bit of time in Aotearoa recently in an effort to explore traditional Maori cuisine.

And what better place to start than the kaimoana powerhouse (or paua-house lol) that is paua? Known internationally as abalone, Pāua is often best served with lashings of cream and your choise of seasonings to create 'cream Pāua.'

But Uncle Gordon decides to put a different spin on the Maori classic by taking it down the breakfast route, opting to blend the paua with scrambled eggs.

While it is definitely a different take, it actually looks delicious and the textural similarities of cream Pāua and scrambled eggs make for a hearty breakkie!

Check out the video up top.