‘Makes me proud’: Te Kūiti marae goes viral for beautiful rendition of classic Te Reo waiata

‘Makes me proud’: Te Kūiti marae goes viral for beautiful rendition of classic Te Reo waiata

“Stunning voices and what a vibe."

A marae in the North Island is going viral for an incredible rendition of a classic Te Reo waiata. 

Te Kūiti Pā, located between Taupō and Hamilton, performed 'Haere mai ki Maniapoto' when welcoming guests to a feed. The footage was shared to TikTok by Kiingitanga_Official and has racked up over 400k views and more than 30k likes. 

It shows tangata whenua of all ages lined up against the wall of the wharekai, singing the waiata with passion and great energy. 

Commenters are pointing out how beautiful the display is. 

“The positive energy here is amazing!” wrote one person. “Thank you for sharing!”

“Watching this makes me proud to be from Ngāti Maniapoto and I'm Tūhoe,” said another. “Hits different when you've been away for years.”

“Stunning voices and what a vibe,” a third added. “Beautiful (bet the feed was spectacular too).”

“I love everyone's smiles while singing this beautiful song,” one more wrote. 

Earlier this year a little girl also went viral. She hit a mighty pukana during a kapa haka performance and the internet loved it. 

A resurfaced clip from a performance at Te Mana Kuratahi shows the kōtiro wide-eyed and putting some hearty mana behind her facials.

TikTok page @learnmāoriabroad shared the video which has been viewed nearly 200k times.

Just last week, a couple of road workers also joined the viral wave by hitting a crackup wero during mahi. 

Cody Jenkins, a roadworker in the Bay of Plenty, filmed the bro Tekaia Kiel performing his best wero during his stop/go shift flowing traffic with his lollipop sign.

“Roger, received and sending back 😝,” he captioned the video of their roadside antics.

Whether it's the bros messing around or a marae welcoming guests, everyone here knows how to put on a great show.