WATCH: Kiwi roadworker goes viral for his crack-up lollipop sign wero during mahi

WATCH: Kiwi roadworker goes viral for his crack-up lollipop sign wero during mahi

Yew! This is how it's done.

A long day of mahi can be a real punish, but two crack-up Kiwis wouldn’t know anything about that after their latest antics during a roadside shift. 

Cody Jenkins, a roadworker in the Bay of Plenty, filmed the bro Tekaia Kiel performing his best wero during his stop/go shift flowing traffic with his lollipop sign.

“Roger, received and sending back 😝,” he captioned the video of their roadside antics.

People were buzzing over the clip, and reckon these kinds of hilarious shenanigans deserve some extra recognition for putting a smile on Kiwi’s dials. 

“More passion, more energy. Guys need a pay rise, going above and beyond,” one commenter wrote under the TikTok.

Another said: “If this was how all road workers were. I wouldn't mind sitting waiting 😂😂”

“We legit have the best lollipop people in NZ always know how to put a smile on everyone's face,” said a third.

This isn’t the only crack-up mischief we’ve seen from our roadworkers.

Earlier this year, Two bros enjoying themselves while on the job have gone viral for their heroic ura. 

Auckland CBD hosted the dance party made up of two dudes in hi-vis and hard hats.

It’s also not the first wero we’ve seen go viral. Remember the group of Kiwi teens who performed a wero for their mate's aunty who wouldn’t let her out with her friends?

The group of six teens approached from the driveway performing ‘Toia Mai’ as their wero.

Their tokens of choice included a large road cone, a school certificate, some rau from a bush down the road and a rather flashy trophy.

Although Aunty had a good giggle at the kids' expense, she stood firm on her decision not to let her out. 

Yew! We definitely know how to keep people entertained here in Aotearoa even if it is during a long day of mahi.