Little girl goes viral for adorably singing ‘Tōku reo tōku ohooho' waiata Māori with her mama

Little girl goes viral for adorably singing ‘Tōku reo tōku ohooho' waiata Māori with her mama

“Touched my heart."

One mum has a superstar in the making since her daughter’s adorable cover of a classic Te Reo waiata has gone viral. 

Footage of the four-year-old singing ‘Tōku reo tōku ohooho' has been viewed over half a million times on TikTok and gained over 70k likes. 

“We’re both guessing the lyrics to that song,” the mother wrote in the caption. “But I’m sure I’m right.”

Commenters are freaking out at how charming the child is, especially impressed with her Te Reo. 

“Aw bless her sweet little heart and soul,” one person wrote. “She is just the cutest!”

“One of the nicest videos I’ve seen on TikTok for a while,” said another. “Mum & bub enjoying life.”

“She’s so damn cute,” added a third. “And even cuter that she knows her tongue.”

“This was so beautiful to watch,” one more wrote. “Touched my heart.”

Another child and adult Te Reo interaction went viral earlier this month. An impromptu korero between a man and a little girl has been viewed on Instagram nearly 170,000 times and commented on by hundreds.

It shows the girl and man - Matua Hohepa from the International Antarctic Centre in Christchurch - joyfully chatting away in Te Reo

"As soon as he heard Te Rauriki speaking te reo Māori he switched to address her in Māori, and it was such a beautiful and natural interaction to witness,” the caption reads. 

Our very own Mai Morning Crew producer Troy had his own incredible waiata performance. Earlier this year he performed ‘Pa Mai’ on guitar and absolutely crushed it, blowing away everyone in the studio. 

Although he's already a part of the whānau, we had to make sure he knew his Māori Strum AKA 'The jingachhak' for when he gets the invite to the next Shed Party!  

Man, there is so much talent out here in Aotearoa !