WATCH: Auckland road workers go viral for hitting the crack-up dance party during mahi

WATCH: Auckland road workers go viral for hitting the crack-up dance party during mahi

Too many people are annoyed at them, tsk tsk.

Two bros enjoying themselves while on the job have gone viral for their heroic ura. 

Auckland CBD hosted the dance party made up of two dudes in hi-vis and hard hats. It was posted to Instagram by Auckland Daily where it has been viewed over 170k times and commented on 230 times. 

Sadly, yet unexpectedly, the comments are full of haters. These two fellas hit a fun yet fluent traditional dance with their own spin on it for barely thirty seconds and there are people talking about ‘get back to work’ and ‘so this is why the roads are always messed up’. Sheesh guys, cheer up. 

Thankfully, there are a few comments pointing out that the existence of the video doesn’t mean they don’t work hard and that construction workers have one of the toughest jobs out there. 

“This was less than 30 seconds long,” one person wrote. “At least 14 and a half more minutes available for them to do whatever the hell they want, and what they are doing is positive, fun, and a healthy expression. Bunch of grumpy ass people in here sheesh.”

“To all of you who left negative comments to this awesome post, did you know that the construction industry has the highest number of suicides and the majority being men,” another added. 

“The little time that they have to decompress from the pressures of their industry, please don't judge if you have not walked a day in their shoes. Judging people does not define who they are, it defines who you are. This post was AWESOME”.

“So many uptight people,” a third said. “Relax and enjoy the ura”. 

On all three accounts, I see nothing but facts. 

One thing they could rightfully be mad at is the parents who took their baby to a Flo Rida concert and made it crowd-surf