‘Goosebumps’: Kiwi Dad And Daughter's beautiful Māori waiata goes viral on TikTok

‘Goosebumps’: Kiwi Dad And Daughter's beautiful Māori waiata goes viral on TikTok

“When people talk about ‘it factor’ this is what they mean".

Two Kiwis are going viral for their beautiful Māori musical performance, with one half of the duo letting the other shine.

A dad and daughter, who go by @latashatakimoana91 on TikTok, have been viewed over nine million times and like one million times for their performance.

The daughter has an absolutely amazing voice and expressive kapa haka moves as the dad stands out of the way, cooly playing his guitar. 

Commenters from all around the world are in awe of the girl’s talents, even if they don’t understand she is singing. 

“A kapa haka and waiata specialist/perfectionist at her age,” wrote one person. “Very well done mum and dad.”

“I don’t understand any words but this sound is so beautiful,” said another.

“Goosebumps,” a third added. “Don't understand what it means but it's so beautiful.”

“When people talk about ‘it factor’ I think this is what they mean,” one more wrote. “She’s a joy to watch.”

One comment states that she isn’t actually performing a known song, rather she is singing about where she and her family will be performing in the next week. 

Another Te Reo waiata that went viral was when a bunch of tutors beautifully sang one at a bar in Australia

Footage posted to Instagram by @nuzinator shows the large group of Māori tutors loudly and proudly singing ‘Nei Rā Te Kaupapa’, adding some absolutely incredible harmonies with the crowd watching. Tu meke!

“What a buzz to have our elite tutors of our Māori language from New Zealand to grace us with a Waiata!!” the caption of the video reads.

It’s always awesome when the culture we are so familiar with here at home gets recognised by people from all over the globe.