Mum shares ‘beautiful’ video of father and daughter singing ‘Tiaho Mai Rā’ together

Mum shares ‘beautiful’ video of father and daughter singing ‘Tiaho Mai Rā’ together

Tu meke guys!

A mother managed to capture an awesome jam session between father and daughter as they sang ‘Tiaho Mai Rā’ together before bedtime. 

The mum, who goes by @sarahpene1 on TikTok, posted the beautiful moment yesterday, and it has since gotten almost 400,000 views and over 100,000 likes, and for good reason too.

Both of them have amazing voices and the way they harmonise together is beautiful. Ka Pai guys!

Check it out below.

Comments were full of praise and in just as much awe as we are. 

“I keep rewatching cuz they sound so beautiful together,” said one. “My heart can’t take this much serotonin.” 

“This is so pretty, I teared up ngl 🥺,” said another. 

“🥰 What a blessing to hear this in my for you page. They truly have a gift and the blend of father and daughter is unmatched,” commented one more. 

The waiata they are jamming to is called ‘Tiaho Mai Rā’ and was made by Keta Kaiwai-Herbert back in 2009. 

According to, Keta composed the song in January 2009 for “a year 13 student at Wellington High School who was dearly loved and missed by the community of Pōneke.” It is a beautiful song with bittersweet, touching lyrics, which you can read here. 

The whānau seems to be a musical bunch, with the mother sharing another video of a singalong session on her TikTok. 

This time the gifted father/daughter duo sang the classic waiata ‘Me Mihi’ by ‘The O’Connors’. 

Commenters were again amazed by the pairing, acknowledging how precious moments like these are. 

“They will cherish these moments forever, this brings me all the joy,” shared one commenter.

“This makes my heart full 🥰♥️what a beautiful bond these two have. ♥️🙏🏽 blessings to you all,” said another.