‘Unreal’: Group of Māori tutors break out into ‘stunning’ Te Reo waiata at an Aussie bar

‘Unreal’: Group of Māori tutors break out into ‘stunning’ Te Reo waiata at an Aussie bar

“Makes me feel so proud."

Māori culture was put on full display when a bunch of tutors beautifully sang a Te Reo waiata at a bar in Australia. 

Footage posted to Instagram by @nuzinator shows the large group of Māori tutors loudly and proudly singing ‘Nei Rā Te Kaupapa’, adding some absolutely incredible harmonies with the crowd watching. Tu meke!

“What a buzz to have our elite tutors of our Māori language from New Zealand to grace us with a Waiata!!” the caption of the video reads. 

The video was reposted by the Instagram account Māori Worldwide, where people from all over the world shared their awe and respect for the culture in the comments. 

“I love watching people enjoy our culture,” wrote one Kiwi. “Makes me feel so proud.”

“Hello from Ireland, this is so beautiful,” another commenter said. 

“This is sooooo impressive - it gets me every time - cheers from Brazil,” a third person added. 

“Stunning,” one more Kiwi said. “We really do have the most beautiful culture in the world.”

Another time people around the world were intrigued by Aotearoa was when a young Kiwi diver went viral for slurping some kina

The kid goes by Māori Moa on his social accounts, and he posted a video of him picking up a kina, chucking it straight in his mouth and slurping it down like it’s nothing. 

“Better feed that to the dog,” he wrote in the caption of the TikTok which has racked in a massive 2.2 million likes and 41 million views. 

The international audience does seem to be really fascinated by the kina, as a few of Māori Moa’s showing off the Kiwi sea animal have gained millions of views. In fact, his whole TikTok is jam-packed with him hunting, cracking open, and eating the Kina. 

The incredible singing is a bit different to eating the kina, but it’s always fun when the rest of the world joins in on the fun we have in Aotearoa.