Kylie Jenner deletes 'sick' video of Travis Scott 'raging' after first post-Astroworld gig

Kylie Jenner deletes 'sick' video of Travis Scott 'raging' after first post-Astroworld gig

The vid shows Travis smacking and kicking a door while screaming.

Kylie Jenner has deleted a TikTok of her boyfriend Travis Scott raging with NBA stars after people called it "repulsive" and "sickening". 

The video in question shows Travis backstage after a show at London’s O2 arena with his  NBA All-Star mates Kevin Durant and James Harden.

In the clip, KD and Harden are hyping Travis up, yelling “biggest in the world” and spraying champagne as the artist bashes a door while screaming at the top of his lungs.

Kylie posted the video on her TikTok account but has since deleted it after people called Travis’ behaviour out for being "tone-deaf" and "immature". The video is still up on her Instagram. 

The backlash stems from the fact that Scott’s show at O2 was his first since the tragedy at his ‘Astroworld Festival’ in November last year where ten people - including a nine-year-old kid - died from being crushed in the wild crowd while Travis was performing.

Reportedly, the Houston rapper kept on performing for 37 minutes after people had already been trampled and killed, despite pleas from crowd members to stop the show. 

People close to Travis claim he did not know about the stampede and deaths while he was on stage.

The clip was posted to a Kardashian fan page on Reddit - r/KUWTK - and people were tearing into Travis. 

“Not one f*ck was given. Like nothing ever happened and he didn’t incite a rage and 10 deaths at his last show. :(,” another commenter said. 

Others straight up roasted Travis for how he looks while raging, with one commenter saying “Travis looks like a cockroach being sprayed with a bug killer,” and another saying “he looks like that random immature guy someone invited to the party who can’t handle his alcohol and starts showing off.”