WATCH: Travis Scott breaks his knee while performing at Rolling Loud, finishes show

Headlines 14/10/2019

Travis Scott took a nasty fall on Saturday night while performing at hip hop festival Rolling Loud in New York City, and messed up his knee pretty bad.

Scott was performing 'Butterfly Effect' and after a jump, landed awkwardly on his right knee and fell to the ground. 

You'd think if you broke your knee at work you'd gap it and go home (we would) - but the man just picked himself up and finished the song, hobbling on one leg.

Later in the performance he said,

I ain't gonna lie, I think I just broke my knee right now. But this show cannot stop just yet.

He then pplayed "Bystanders".

Scott's toughness didn't go unnoticed by people in the crowd or on social media, with many people tweeting about how impressed they were by him.

That's pretty cool, right? Well how about this - he closed out the night with "Sicko Mode" - while wearing a knee brace.