MAI TRIES: Cricket with the White Ferns
MAI TRIES: Cricket with the White Ferns
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Mai Tries: Cricket with the White Ferns

We're back and this time, the White Ferns show us how it's done.

After smashing it out of the park with the Black Caps, we're back with another Mai tries but this time, we get some help from the White Ferns. 

After our last efforts with the Black Caps, it was clear that we needed some help with our cricket skills., so our mates from the White Ferns came to the rescue and gave us some challenges to train us. 

Fame, Randy, Producer Troy, and Producer Tylie took on the Dizzy bat challenge, highball challenge, and taking a ball from a White Fern.

Producer Tylie once again showed off her skills and switched between 'loving' and 'hating' sport - iconic. 

Have a watch of it above. 

Let's say we might have a bit more work to do to really nail our cricket skills....

Stay tuned for more Mai Tries!