Mai Tries Cricket with the Black Caps
The Mai FM crew try a series of cricket challenges set by the Black Caps.
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Mai Tries: Cricket with the Blackcaps

The Blackcaps put our Cricket skills to the test!

Mai tries is back once again!

This time, we're taking on Cricket with a helping hand from our mates at the Blackcaps!

Fame, Randy, Producer Tylie and Producer Troy headed down to Victoria Park in Auckland to put their cricket skills to the test.

The Blackcaps lined up a few challenges for us and let's say we don't think we'll be starting a Mai FM cricket team anytime soon...

We had the highball challenge, face a ball from a blackcap, bowl to a Blackcap make a slip catch, hit the wickets, and the iconic dizzy bat challenge. 

You can tell who thought they were the best at this... 

Have a watch of the hilarious challenges above.