Church & AP - War Outside

Backyard Beats

New Zealand hip-hop duo front runners Church & AP have returned with their second post ‘TEETH’ album release, ‘War Outside’.

Although we’re only a few months into 2020, the duo have been keeping busy. Previously releasing their 2000s infused track ‘Aston Martin’, Church & AP are back with their melodic yet war ready anthem ‘War Outside’. On their latest track, Church & AP lay down a friendly gauntlet to all as they ride off from their success from the past 18 months.

‘War Outside is a song to ride out to. We’ve been steadily carving out our lane in this industry and setting the tone in our scene. This song is a proclamation that we’re war ready. Nothing can get in the way of what we’re about to do.’

Church & AP fans will also hear a familiar voice on the hook as Neko Newman makes her second appearance with the duo. Previously appearing on ‘Hello Hello’ off their debut album, ‘TEETH’. 

Keep an eye out for Church & AP as they build towards their anticipated sophomore album, and check out the track up top!