Maaka ft. Whitewall - When I Leave


Check out our latest Backyard Beats track 'When I Leave' from Maaka Fiso's

When I Leave is Maaka’s first song recorded in English, released under the new Waatea Music label, and it marks an exciting departure from the singer’s previous songs which were recorded in te reo Māori. 

'I can imagine a few people will be surprised when they hear this song and see the music video, considering my previous two released were in Māori.' Maaka says.  'But I guess it has presented itself as a bit of a challenge and I’m keen to show I’m not afraid to explore new things and that I’m not just a one-trick pony.  I think this song is one of those ones where the music is what hits you first.  It has that Trop House EDM vibe that’s popular right now and I think this is what people will notice first about the song.'  

The song was made in collaboration with White Wall, a music producer and keyboardist based in Auckland, performing, writing, touring and recording with a serious bent toward modern pop and electronic sounds.  White Wall's keyboards have taken him around the world. He has toured Europe playing summer festivals and toured NZ with his university band, Hurricane Kids.   His influence in When I Leave adds gives the song a unique edge.  Maaka says his soul/RnB vocals over the top also adds another dimension to the song and he hopes there’s something for everybody in this track.