Earth Tiger - Lucky Ones

Backyard Beats 25/08/2016

Earth Tiger are back with their latest single 'Lost Ones' for Backyard Beats this week.

Earth Tiger are a crafty duo that create songs that swirl together the electrifying textures of hip-hop, big pop, rock and dance music into a brand-new sound. Masterminded by Cruize Mathews (Kidz in Space) and Tom Taylor, every EarthTiger tune tells a story about the pair’s many adventures and take inspiration from the stylings of modern rock legends, lyrical pioneers and beat masters such as The Black Keys, Gorillaz, Mac Miller, The Pharcyde, Kanye West and Pharrell Williams.

Mathews and Taylor’s creative chemistry radiated throughout their debut street-single, King Like Jordan. The follow up single, Holiday, is all about escaping life for a bit. The kids singing the catchy hook will be stuck in your head for days and the sweet grooves will have you bobbing in your seat in no time.