Nickson announces he's back on Mai Morning Crew
Welcome back uncle Nickson
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Nickson is returning to the Mai Morning Crew! And Storme's got a new gig too

We're changing it up a little here at Mai.

The OG is back! Nickson Clark is returning to the Mai Morning Crew.

He'll be taking over from Storme, who is moving to Mai Days after K'Lee decided to step away after 13 years at Mai to focus on her own whānau.

All the hosts gathered in the studio to say hellos and goodbyes, with Nickson chuffed to be back and spreading some aroha. 

“First of all I just wanna say a beautiful congratulations and so much love going out to my actual sister who I’ve known so long, K’Lee," he said. "God, it’s been a journey. I’m so proud of you.”

Storme, you’ve held it down. I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to come back and hang out with my old friends.

“Storme, you’ve held it down. I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to come back and hang out with my old friends.”

Tegan said her goodbyes (but not really) to her MMC co-host, as well as welcoming back Nickson. 

“Obviously we’re really sad to be losing our brother Storme," Tegan said, "but he can have a sleep-in. Must be nice.”

“That leaves a spot here on Mai Morning Crew. You guys have sent me messages for a year and a half now saying: ‘Bring Back’ and it’ll have someone’s name next to it.”

“Well, I just wanna say, you can stop saying that now," she added. 

Storme kept it humble, announcing his move to the days show where he'll be keeping Aotearoa company at mahi.

"I'll keep this one short and simple because I think there's bigger people we can celebrate today," he said. 

"In a last-minute trade deadline, I have been traded to Mai Days for a future Hall of Famer. I will be stepping down as a member of the Mai Morning Crew."

"It's honestly been a genuine dream. I was listening to this show for years, even when I was working for my ex," he added. 

"To be able to get this opportunity is incredible, it's amazing but at the same time I'm more nervous now 'cause I gotta follow up and fill K'Lee's size 14 hooves, which is a challenge I will not scoff at. I will do my best to hold up what [she's] left behind."

Welcome back Nickson and cheers for the morning mahi Storme, enjoy those sleep-ins now!