K'Lee is leaving Mai FM after 13 years of incredible mahi
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K'Lee is leaving Mai FM after 13 years of incredible mahi

“It’s time for me to step to the side..."

K’Lee has just announced she will be leaving Mai FM after a legendary 13 years to focus on expanding her tribe of amazing kiddos by one more.

“I’m going to be stepping away,” K’Lee announced this morning. “It’s time for me to take a little time for myself and my whānau.”

This year is set to be a HUGE one for K’Lee. She's just revealed the awesome news that she's welcoming another pēpi to her beautiful whānau, plus she's super excited about her wedding later in 2024.

K'Lee announces she's leaving Mai FM
K'Lee announces she's leaving Mai FM after 13 years of incredible mahi
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We all know what a strong, funny and talented pillar of the Mai FM whānau K'Lee has been during her time with us. In the words of Beyoncé, she's irreplaceable!

She spent two years in breakfast and the last decade spreading the best vibes from 10am- 3pm every day.

Her honesty and passion for being a mum have always come first, she’s been loud and proud in her tautoko for wāhine and has continued to be a champion for te ao Māori.

Her mahi has been outstanding, and her shoes will be some mighty big ones to fill.

“Thirteen years ago, my mate that I’ve known since I was 14 came and picked me up in LA,” K’Lee said about her journey back to Aotearoa to kickstart her radio career. “I made my way back as a solo mum with two kids to do The Mai Morning Crew.”

“It was a big start to a big part of my life.”

Of course, she had to shout out some special crew that have seen her take on this legendary journey at Mai FM.

A particular person K’Lee holds a lot of aroha for is Nickson Clark. “Without taking that chance and coming over to LA to rescue me and my kids, I don’t think I would’ve had the career that I’ve had here at Mai FM, let alone in radio.”

“Over the years, I’ve worked with so many amazing people, some great talent, and I have to thank them for being a part of the journey because I’ve learned so much from them,” she added.

“Mai FM was here before me, it will be here after me, and it’s only going to get better,” she said. “My job and my responsibility is to be that kaitiaki and make the place better for the next generation to come through.”

We’ll miss K’Lee loads and won’t forget the powerhouse she is. Her last show is on March 1st, so until then, let’s send her all the aroha for her next journey with her incredible whānau soon to be plus one more.