WATCH: Kiwi road worker’s crack up antics at mahi go viral

WATCH: Kiwi road worker’s crack up antics at mahi go viral

"Only in Aotearoa"

Mahi is draining if you’re not having fun, but I’m guessing this crack-up Kiwi doesn’t run into that problem a lot. 

Meihana Kotuhi, a Wairoa road worker, posted a TikTok of himself whipping out a wero while putting his lollipop man shift in, running the stop/go sign instead of the usual taiaha. 

“Bloody good to make people smile - love it,” Meihana captioned the video, which has garnered over 54,000 likes and 448,000 views. 

Commenters on the TikTok were loving it, reckoning these kinds of incredible antics are unique to our country. 

“Only in Aotearoa,” wrote one person. 

“Best way to start my day!” said another. “Thanks for the laugh! Gotta love our Kiwi humour.”

“With so many road workers around the motu, it would actually be awesome to come across someone like him,” a third added. “Would make it more enjoyable while waiting.”

“Love it,” one more wrote. “Glad you enjoy your work, it will give travellers a giggle all the way to their destination.”

Because it’s just that good, the TikTok was also posted on the New Zealand subreddit, where it drew praise and a bit of light-hearted workplace envy. 

“Having the time of his life while I’m sitting at my desk wondering where it all went wrong,” said u/lumierette. 

“My dad used to threaten that I’d end up a lolly pop man if I didn’t study hard,” replied u/Own_Speaker_1224. “I’m a tad envious now, looks pretty fun.”

This ain’t the first time a wero has lifted people’s spirits. Last year a group of teens utilised the wero to convince their mate’s aunty to let her their friend out of the house for some fun. 

Their tokens of choice included a large road cone, a school certificate, some rau from a bush down the road and a rather flashy trophy. It took some work but eventually they were successful in their mission.