'Mad mana': Brazilian fella goes viral for incredible performance of haka learned in NZ

'Mad mana': Brazilian fella goes viral for incredible performance of haka learned in NZ

“You had your tūpuna right with you."

One Brazilian fella's love for Māori culture was on fine display when he performed a massively moving haka at his sister's wedding.

Having returned from a uni exchange in NZ, nearly every video on @caiobcpc's TikTok account references customs, slang and even dances he learned about while here. 

But the most impressive display of his Māori cultural knowledge is the haka he performed in front of his sister, her groom and the wedding crowd - a ritual foreign to everyone but him. 

Commenters are impressed with the guy's kahunas. 

“Felt that,” wrote one person. “Mad mana, haka hard. Mauri ora.”

“Props and hats go off to you man,” another said. “ Warrior within, you got it, my guy. Chur from this side. Hakas all day”. 

“My MAN,” a third added. “Gave me goosebumps. Staunch and strong brother”. 

“Too much bro,” one more wrote. “You had your tūpuna right with you. Your mana, wairua and mauri are more than enough for your sister to see she was proud of you.”

It’s awesome to see this guy embrace Māori culture with respect and passion. Back in March, a similar story went viral when a Welsh man completed his NZ citizenship ceremony in Te Reo

The clip, posted to TikTok by his wife Katie, has amassed nearly 150k views since it was posted earlier this year and there is a whole bunch of comments supporting one of Aotearoa’s newest citizens.

“Being Welsh, he is hesitant to swear allegiance to a king,” Katie wrote. “So he decided since we have to do it, let’s do it in the true language of New Zealand. His first language is also a minority language under the crown (cymraeg).”

Coming from all corners of the world, there's always mana on display.