‘Gives me chills’: Entire Manurewa school farewells staff with massive and powerful haka

‘Gives me chills’: Entire Manurewa school farewells staff with massive and powerful haka

"They are all united."

Students from a high school in Tāmaki Makaurau are going viral for performing an intense haka. 

Staff leaving Manurewa Intermediate School in South Auckland were farewelled by the students performing the haka in the school hall.

Footage of the moment was shared by Māori Worldwide, an Instagram account with over 350k followers. It has been viewed over 50,000 times. 

Commenters on the post can feel the mana through their screens. 

“This is such a beautiful sight to see,” one person wrote. “Gives me chills every time I hear the chants! Wish I knew it as well because it’s beautiful.”

“It's wonderful because they are all united,” said another. “Marvelous to see. It's something that sadly is gone from most places. Community is everything.”

“Man, life is hard but Manurewa intermediate is harder,” a third added. “How meke? Tu meke”. 

“This is one of the most beautiful, meaningful things I have ever seen or heard,” one more shared. “I had goosebumps!”

Earlier this year, in that very same hall, those students were taken by complete surprise when a mega-famous musician crashed an assembly. 

Ed Sheeran rocked up to the school with his guitar and gave a special performance for the kids. 

“Such an unreal moment to have a special performance from Ed Sheeran at MI today!!!” the school wrote in a Facebook post. 

“WOW!!!! Someone who embodies our vision statement of being Adventurous, a Risk-Taker, Persistent, and Focused with well-deserved Achievement! Another amazing day at MI!!”

That vision statement can be seen written on the wall to the side of Ed, who’s jamming in a super casual fit suitable for Aotearoa. 

As if being a 12-year-old school kid wasn’t already fun enough, the students at Manurewa Intermediate School are going viral AND getting exclusive performances from massive musicians #jealous.