‘Up the Wahs’: Warriors fans make crack-up and catchy parody of classic Kiwi song

‘Up the Wahs’: Warriors fans make crack-up and catchy parody of classic Kiwi song

Get it pumping at home games ASAP!

Some supremely talented Warriors fans have gone and made a crack-up, catchy, and quality parody tune to support the boys. 

Created by members of the Facebook fan group ‘Warriors Anonymous’, ‘Up The Wahs’ is a parody of the Kiwi classic ‘How Bizzare’ by OMC. Not only does it name players on the squad, but key members of the Wah’s story are also mentioned, such as the “shoey guy,” One NZ’s CEO, and “the Joker”. 

This tune needs to be pumping at every home game the Wahs have for the rest of eternity. It’s about time we had a go-to Go Media Stadium crowd sing-along. 

Commenters on a TikTok of the song posted by TheWarriorholic - which has racked up nearly 100k views - agree that the track is too good to not play at home games. 

“This should be our new National anthem,” wrote one person. 

“Need to get this to someone at the stadium on the sound system to play pre-game,” said another. 

“Surely this is the new backing music for montage videos,” a third added, tagging the official Warriors account. 

“Better start teaching my kids the words,” one more wrote. “New game day song.”

Agree a billion percent with each and every one of those comments. Let’s get it done. 

Another song that went viral in Warriors’ fandom this year was the team’s own victory song

When they get a W in the NRL they head to the locker room and belt out a song. They’ve sung it for the past ten years (at least) and it's pretty straightforward so why not get learning that too?

Having multiple songs to whip with 20+ thousand others would be an experience like no other, especially when the boys are thrashing the other team.