'I want to win here': Shaun Johnson on if he'd leave the Warriors and when he might retire

'I want to win here': Shaun Johnson on if he'd leave the Warriors and when he might retire

“There's no unfinished business."

Shaun Johnson, star of the NZ Warriors, has made it clear that he’s not going anywhere. 

The West Tigers reportedly tried to poach our guy with a two-year contract offer, but Johnson affirmed he’s keen to either keep on going to battle with the Wahs, or just retire completely. 

“I don’t want to go elsewhere and try and win,” he told reporters after practice. “I want to win here if I'm playing. It's simply what it came down to."

“If I'm going to do this and I'm going to put my body through another pre-season, then it has to be to win, and I believe that the Warriors are in a position to win. I couldn't see myself going elsewhere to compete against that."

That is music to Warriors fans' ears if I’ve ever heard any. 

Johnson added that he’s 100% stoked with how his career has played out. He is still playing not because he’s looking to substantiate his ability to the world, but quite simply because he froths taking the field. When his passion for rugby league subsides, he’ll call it quits. Until then, he’s staying put. 

“There's no unfinished business. I'm certainly very content with what I've been able to achieve in my career, and if it was just to finish up right now, I would leave this smiling.”

“I don't have any chip on my shoulder. I don't have a point to prove to anyone. I play this game because I love it and I still feel like I've got this competitive bug in me that I want to win.”

"So long as that's there and as long as I'm happy, then no door is closed."

Johnson and the Warriors take on the Redcliffe Dolphins this Saturday as they return to Mount Smart (or should I say Go Media Stadium) and try and move up from eighth on the table.