WATCH: Palagi groom ‘shocks’ Samoan family by mastering Fa'ataupati slap dance for his wedding

WATCH: Palagi groom ‘shocks’ Samoan family by mastering Fa'ataupati slap dance for his wedding

“Uso got the Samoan in his blood.”

One husband did extra mahi ahead of his wedding by learning a whole Fa'ataupati (Samoan slap dance) to the surprise of everyone in attendance.

Posted to the husband and wife’s TikTok account @the_priestleys, the bro impressed everyone online too. His performance has been viewed over two million times and has racked up over 350k likes. 

It starts with the groom nervously taking the stage alongside supposed family members of the bride. He gets his rig out and the crowd goes wild as his wife applies baby oil to him. Then, he nails the dance. 

Commenters are impressed with the man, loving that he’s embraced the culture. 

“CHEEEEHOOOO!” wrote one person. “Uso got the Samoan in his blood.”

“You married a good man and a good person,” said another. “It's beautiful to see other people embrace other cultures.”

“Real love right there,” a third added. “He went above and beyond to learn his future wife’s culture and ways as if he was born to it.”

“That’s sexy in a respectful way of how he loves our culture,” one more wrote. 

Another incredible wedding moment that went viral was a stirring haka that was captured beautifully by the wedding photographer. It was so passionate and powerful that it gave me goosebumps from the other side of the screen. 

Filmed by Chris Turner, a wedding photographer based in Aotearoa, the video shows a group of men take the floor as the bride and the rest of the wedding party sit behind them. 

Immediately you can hear the passion in their voices and see the intensity on their faces as they give it their all. 

Weddings are always awesome celebrations on their own, but when there are moments like this they’re truly unbeatable.